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I made my first appt. with Dr. Price three years ago because I was having problems with my hip flexors. I had strained both doing a Russian Scissor Kick and was not recovering even after months of physical therapy. I am a ballet dancer and this was a potential career-ending injury. Dr. Price fixed my hips, and he fixed them quickly without down time. Since then, I've seen him for a number of issues (ballet is hard on the body) including shin splints, knee problems, foot sprains, and neck strains. Regardless of the issue, when I am broken, he puts me back together again. I am leaving this fall for an elite college ballet program and I credit Dr. Price for making this possible. Premier Chiropractic is a warm and friendly place, Heather is amazing, and I am going to miss them when I am in Indiana!

Tori Helfrich

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