Frequently Asked Questions


Is chiropractic care covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Everyone’s insurance plan is different and provides different levels of benefits. Our office will verify your benefits for you, as well as file all necessary paperwork to your insurance company.

Are appointments required?

Due to the time that Dr. Price spends with each patient, appointments are required. In many cases, same day appointments are available.

Do I have to sign a contract for treatment?

Your treatment is determined by you and Dr. Price and you will never be asked to sign a contract or pre-pay for an excess number of visits.

Does Dr. Price only treat athletes and sports injuries?

While Dr. Price’s specialization is in sports chiropractic, he treats everyone at any age and activity level.

Does every patient receive the same treatment at every visit?

Treatments will differ by patient and by visit. As patients recover from their injury, their treatments will change.

Does Dr. Price refer to or receive referrals from other healthcare providers?

We work closely with primary care doctors, orthopedists, pain management specialists, podiatrists, physical therapists, and massage therapists.

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