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Wendy W. Compagnone, the owner of Premier Pilates, is a certified Pilates Instructor and personal trainer who specializes in working with active individuals and providing sport specific training for athletes. She is also affiliated with Premier Chiropractic of Southlake, providing rehabilitation exercise programs for patients.

Since 2004, Wendy has been helping private clients and small groups reach their fitness goals. Her primary focus is on the importance of core stability and balancing the individual’s strength and flexibility. She received her Personal Trainer Certification through The Cooper Institute (CI) in North Dallas and initial Pilates certification through the Physical Mind Institute. Wendy was introduced to STOTT PILATES® two years ago and immediately started training with the company to expand her Pilates knowledge. In the last two years, she has completed close to 150 hours of formal classroom instruction learning the STOTT PILATES® method which incorporates modern exercise principles, and applies proven and accepted practices in biomechanics, rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. Wendy is looking forward to completing the full level two certification in the Spring of 2014.

Wendy grew up in New England, studied education at Boston College, and in 2000 moved to Texas. She is married with two children.

  • Personal Trainer 2004 (CI)
  • Pilates Mat Certification 2004, Physical Mind Institute
  • Providing Dietary Guidance Certification (CI)
  • Coaching Healthy Behaviors Certification (CI)
  • Stott Pilates® Mat and Reformer Level Two 2011/12
  • Stott Pilates® Injuries & Special Populations Training 2012
  • TRX Suspension Training 2013

Star Prep Straight Back on Short Box Control Front - Plank on an unstable surface Golfers Down Swing - on an unstable surface Lift and Lower Reverse Expansion Salute New Studio Space 2013 New Studio Space 2013 First Group Pilates Mat Class! Christ's Haven Community Volunteer Day Charity Classic Golf Tournament Charity Classic Golf Tournament

Premier Pilates is an answer to my prayers. I have severe degenerative arthritis of my knees but I'm not a good surgical risk and was very scared that I would soon be in a wheel chair, dependent on others. After two months of working with Premier Pilates just 30 minutes twice a week, I am no longer dependent on a cane, have increased my metabolism and feeling of well being, and even get compliments on my improved appearance. Wendy Compagnone is not only very knowledgeable about muscle function; she is extremely pleasant to work with.

Southlake, TX

Wendy Compagnone of Premier Pilates has been instrumental in helping me heal from injury. For several years I suffered with low back and sciatic nerve pain. I also had a recent knee surgery with complications, so my exercise program was severely interrupted. Every attempt to resume my program caused further injury. When my chiropractor recommended Pilates I started working with Wendy. With her help, I quickly started to see improvements in developing core strength and regaining muscular balance. Two months into the Pilates practices I was able to complete a 5K walk and a month later, I ran a 10K. I'm very impressed with the results of my treatment and I plan on continuing Pilates as part of my training toward running a marathon before the year end. With the help and care I received from Wendy Compagnone, I was able to get physically and mentally out of the rut and back into the game!

Grapevine, TX

I am an avid runner who had been unable to enjoy the activity I so dearly loved, due to injury. I became a client of Premier Pilates, and Wendy Compagnone's personalized instruction was crucial to my recovery. I feel more balanced and flexible than ever before. Wendy Compagnone is a very knowledgeable and caring instructor. I can happily say that working with Wendy has me hitting the pavement once again!

Colleyville, TX

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